February 25, 2007


After about fifteen inches of snow and four shifts of shoveling I'm just about wiped out for the weekend. But it wasn't so bad; up here in Wisconsin people still have a sense of community. To wit: My neighbor Tim came over with his snowblower and cleared our sidewalks (he also did the same for about half the block, and did a couple of the neighbor's driveways to boot).

Later on, when the plow came by and stacked up another 3 1/2 feet of heavy snow at the end of the driveway, we were back at it. Soon enough, Tim broke out the beers, which brought Scott over from across the street. Then a joker from down the street comes by in his pickup and rolls down the window to yell, "No drinking on the job, boys!" I'm loving this corny Wisconsin crap. And the truth is, after busting my back all morning and half the afternoon, that was the best tasting beer I'd had in years.

So all is well in Wisconsin - don't worry about me.



Posted by benweasel at 05:10 PM