June 25, 2007

These Ones Are Bitter

ben jewel-1.jpg

My new album is out and available only digitally. This album will not be released on CD!

Click the button to buy These Ones Are Bitter:

Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet

Download jewel case art HERE

Or letter art HERE

UPDATE: Spin is giving away a free track from the album - Give It Time. Check it out HERE

UPDATE: A lot of reviews have come in. I'm not going to bore you with all of them but I thought this one was interesting. I usually get annoyed when reviews don't even mention the actual music, but I like the way this review covers the digital aspect of the album's release. The review also links to this Forbes article on the apparent death spiral of the compact disc...

UPDATE: Here's a great article on the album and the whole digital-only thing.

UPDATE: Monona Merch is selling t-shirts featuring some of the album art.

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