January 11, 2008

Top 5 (And More) of 2007

Keeping in mind that these things are pretty dumb, and further keeping in mind that there were a heck of a lot of good releases in 2007, here's my top 5 list as heard on Weasel Radio (send us a MySpace friend request HERE).

1. The Leftovers - On The Move (Rally)
2. Palomar - All Things, Forests (Misra)
3. Retarded - Goes Louder (Insubordination)
4. The Queers - Munki Brain (Asian Man)
5. The Zatopeks - Damn Fool Music (Household Name)

...and the rest, as sent out to anybody who cares by Mutiny PR:

6. The Steinways - Rocket Surgery EP (Don Giovanni)
7. Unlovables - Heartsickle (Whoah Oh)
8. Chinese Telephones - S/T (It's Alive)
9. Nancy - The Fear Of Missing Out (Sex Cells)
10. Retarded/ Leftovers/ Paper Dragons/ Guts/ Ergs/Steinways/Prozacs/ Short Attention/ Sick Sick Birds with the best live sets I saw at the Insub Pop Punk Fest in Baltimore

Posted by benweasel at 09:01 AM