October 29, 2009

Riverdales 1/23/10 in Chicago - UPDATE

The Riverdales are playing Reggie's in Chicago on January 23rd. This one is 17+. Tickets available HERE. A couple of notes:

1. Vapid's back on bass. Sleepy Lamb, who played bass for our last show, is on second guitar. He is also now part of the band and will be playing second guitar on our new album.

2. Speaking of our new album, we're doing our final demos next week and recording the album in December for Recess Records. We'll be heading down the home stretch on the mix by the time of the 1/23 show so we'll probably play a couple of the new tunes.

3. Justin Perkins will be taking a break to come down to Chicago to record the show for a live album. Make your voice heard! Be part of history! Etc.!

4. Supporting are Tenement and the Sugar Stems, two of my favorite Wisconsin bands.

Hope to see ya there.

Posted by benweasel at 03:45 PM