October 07, 2008

Riverdales - Phase 3

The Riverdales Phase 3 reissue was released yesterday. You can buy it here but I'd like to point out that the label made a small mistake on the one-sheet (which is up on the Interpunk site, and presumably in the hands of the other retailers) - none of the old vocals were re-done. There was no reason to re-do them and we didn't have money for that anyway. There were five unreleased songs from the session, three of which had never been completed. For two of those, I took the existing recordings and wrote new melodies and lyrics around them because I felt the original songs were weak. So we did vocals on three tracks, but none of them were on the original release (including a faster, shorter version of Mental Retard). Anyway, I don't know if it's all that important but it sort of bugged me so there ya go. I like the new version of the album and I hope you do too.

Posted by benweasel at 11:18 AM