September 09, 2010

The President Of The United States Of America


So. When people get upset because an Imam wants to build a mosque at Ground Zero, the president has nothing at all to say about the appropriateness of it; he merely notes that the Imam has a legal right to build it.

When people get upset because a Christian preacher wants to burn a Quran, the president has nothing to say about the legality of doing so; he only comments on the inappropriateness of it.

Again: huh.

I think the Quran-burning stunt is silly and stupid. But I'm much more concerned that our President not only can't be bothered to defend his fellow citizens' first amendment rights, but that he actually discourages this symbolic (if asinine) speech on the grounds that it will make violent wackos more violent. As if they needed a reason.

I guess this is the sort of thing that's bound to happen when you elect as President the guy with the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

Posted by benweasel at 06:48 AM